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Welcome to Next Generation School, a comprehensive educational experience that cultivates, nurtures, and combines academic excellence with Islamic values, provides a comprehensive Arabic language program, and fosters civic responsibility to develop successful and contributing members of a global society.

Next Generation School’s educational model is built upon ways to move towards transformational approaches to learning. As we believe that we cannot teach children the way we learned and expect them to be ready for the world that they are moving into

Our Learner Profile

Our Learner Profile


We are risk-takers; we can use our creativity and critical thinking skills to think out side the box. 


We are happy; have growth mind-sets and can be resilient when faced with obstacles.


We understand that injustices exist; we are agents and advocates for change and justice.


We can put ourselves in the shoes of others and act positively with our mind, heart and spirit.


We practice self-regulation and can advocate for our interests, needs, goals and dreams. While remembering we are always accountable to Allah.


We understand the responsibilities in creating respectful, safe and reciprocal relationships with ourselves, others and the environment. Keeping good relationships is a part of being a good Muslim.


We are individuals who are proud of our beliefs and identity and respect and appreciate the unique identities and stories 0f those with whom we share the world.


We put continuous effort into achieving our goals and doing good work even when it becomes difficult. We are resilient.

Educational Program

Next Generation School’s educational program is inspired by acclaimed teaching methodologies to provide a truly global educational experience. At NGS, we provide a cutting edge curriculum that draws from the best practices around the world to instill a love for learning and a passion to become life long learners.

The 21st century educational practices, innovative teaching strategies, and constant research on how students learn best, ensure that each student at NGS is given an excellent academic foundation and is challenged to reach their full potential.

"Excellence in academics, excellence in character, and excellence in faith."

Prepare children for

the future

A Rigorous Curriculum

A strong inquiry approach to education rooted in addressing real world problems and connected to our role as Muslims to make the world a better place.

Faith Based Teaching of the Quran

Islam is infused into everyday learning. A quality Islamic Studies Curriculum with Quran classes included on report cards like all other Subjetcs.

 Next Generation School

A Unique Learning Environment

That focuses on teaching students how to think critically and how to be literate, compassionate and dynamic Muslims who have a duty to make the world a better place.

Learning as Innovation

At our school innovation is shaped through our learning and in a way that upholds Islamic values. We want to prepare students for real-life by equipping them with life-skills they need to succeed in this life and the next. It is our duty as Muslims to innovate and make the world a better place.

24-25 Academic calendar


To lead and inspire transformation in global education shaped by Islamic ideals to creatively solve global issues and promote possibilities for all learners.  



To graduate dynamic, compassionate, literate global citizens who are proud of their Islamic identities and ready to contribute, create, share and work to build a better world for all learners. 

Our philosophy

We are committed to enriching an educational atmosphere that cultivates, nurtures, and combines academic excellence with Islamic values, delivers an oustanding Arabic language program, and fosters civic responsibility to develop successful and contributing members of a global society.

One of the best parts of my role is showing off our school, and I would be delighted to give you a personal tour. On behalf of the Next Generation School community, kindly accept this as an invitation to come and visit us - I am sure we will not fail to impress you. We also encourage you to come back and visit our website regularly, like our Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter for frequent updates on various activities and programs at NGS.

David Kinkead (Superintendent)

Superintendent Message

Superintendent Message

“ I have been impressed by NGS's strong core values, innovative learning, and overall community spirit. Professionally and as a Muslim, I am deeply honoured to be asked to lead NGS through the next phase of its development and growth. NGS is a fantastic school with a dedicated staff who offer a high-quality American-Islamic education unlike anywhere else in Dubai.”     -David Kinkead

NGS Principal

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