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PBL blends content mastery, meaningful work, and personal connection to create powerful learning experiences, in terms of both academic achievement and students’ personal growth. PBL can be transformative for students, especially those furthest from educational opportunity. Now more than ever, we need young people who are ready, willing, and able to tackle the challenges of their lives and the world they will inherit - and nothing prepares them better than Project Based Learning.

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Engaged hearts and minds

Students actively engage with PBL projects that provide real-world relevance for learning. Students can solve problems that are important to them and their communities.

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Deeper Learning

PBL leads to deeper understanding and greater retention of content knowledge. Students are better able to apply what they know to new situations.

Why PBL?

Exposure to adults

Students interact with adults, businesses and organizations, and their community, and can develop career interests.

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A sense of purpose

A great project can be transformative for students. Seeing a real-world impact gives them a sense of agency and purpose.

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Success skills

Students gain skills valuable in today’s workplace and in life, such as how to take initiative, work responsibly, solve problems, collaborate in teams, and communicate ideas.

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Creativity and technology

Students enjoy using a spectrum of technology tools from research and collaboration through product creation and presentation.

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little scientists

Grade 2 students exploring quick changes to land.

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Grade 6 students raising awareness about environmental problems.

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Discover our pbl journeys

1. Irrigation System Sensors

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2. Blind Stick

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